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Have you sustained a personal injury that’s keeping you from living your life? Dr. Gianfranco Calafiore at Chiropractic Healing Arts Center – your personal injury chiropractor in El Cajon, CA – can create a customized plan to help you achieve lasting relief.

4 Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor After a Personal Injury

An injury can put a halt to your life. Things you once enjoyed can seem like nothing more than a memory. And even working to pay your bills can seem an impossible task. However, visiting a personal injury chiropractor can help you get back to your pre-injury self. Dr. Calafiore at Chiropractic Healing Arts Center in El Cajon, CA, shares four reasons you should consider visiting a chiropractor if you’ve sustained a personal injury.

They Treat Various Types of Injuries

Chiropractors are known for treating the back and neck, but many people don’t realize that they treat musculoskeletal issues from the head to the feet. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Headaches
  • Back and neck pain
  • Knee injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Hip pain
  • Sprains and strains

No matter where in your musculoskeletal system your personal injury has occurred, a chiropractor can help.

It’s a Holistic and Comprehensive Method of Treatment

Chiropractors do a full assessment of the musculoskeletal system and gather an in-depth understanding of your symptoms, the event, and all contributing factors. They develop treatment plans that include treating you as a whole person, which may include stress management, diet, and exercise.

They also treat issues that you might not even realize are present before they begin to cause you trouble. For example, you might go in for lower back pain. During your assessment, your chiropractor might notice that there is also an issue in your upper back. While you will receive treatment for the lower back, techniques will also be employed to help correct the issue in the upper back – even if it’s not directly related to the cause of your visit.

Techniques Are Non-Invasive and Natural

Chiropractic techniques are not invasive and do not require the use of medication. They focus on empowering the body to heal itself and removing any injuries that prevent it from doing so.

It Can Help You Get Back to Life Quicker

By empowering the body to heal, foregoing any invasive techniques, and treating the whole person, chiropractic care helps speed up recovery. This helps you get back to your pre-injury self much more quickly.

Don’t let an injury stop you from living. Schedule an appointment with your personal injury chiropractor Dr. Calafiore at Chiropractic Healing Arts Center in El Cajon, CA, by calling (619) 460-4465 today.

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