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Dr. Gianfranco Calafiore of the Chiropractic Healing Arts Center, serving El Cajon, CA, and the general vicinity, offers chiropractic care to the area. However, we feel we provide so much more - healing, optimized function, and harmony between your body's musculoskeletal and nervous systems, among other benefits. 

What We Help With 

Although we treat acute issues, the majority of our patients come in for chronic pain issues, including neck and lower back pain. For instance, many of our patients suffer from sciatica along with generalized lower back pain. Often, our patients with neck pain also have recurring headaches. 

While chronic pain is a common concern of our patients, we can also assist if you have acute pain from a car accident, sports-related or other personal injury. In fact, our El Cajon chiropractor has a long history of working with athletes, including those who participate in soccer, volleyball, track, basketball, golf, or tennis. We can even assist if you sustain a weight lifting injury. 

How Our Approach Is Different

When you're looking for pain relief, an improved sports performance, or prevention of musculoskeletal problems, you have a high number of options in El Cajon, CA. However, our practice is unique. 

First and foremost, we have a chiropractor who believes the key to healing starts with listening to the patient. You're crucial in your recovery or pain relief. By understanding your particular situation, our practitioner can tailor a plan that's specific to your needs. 

Plus, we offer various treatment techniques, such as adjustments, myofascial release, physiotherapy, kinesio-taping, therapeutic exercises, and massage. 

If you're in need of chiropractic care, the Chiropractic Healing Arts Center in El Cajon, CA, is the place to go. Contact 619-460-4465 for an appointment with Dr. Calafiore. 

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