After weeks of excruciating pain from a spastic muscle, my back is much better.  This is due to the careful planning of my treatment by Dr. Krause.  Thanks!  I’m grateful!


After just a few visits to the Chiropractic Healing Arts Center, my knee pain was gone.  The reason for this – my pelvis was misaligned, causing undo strain on the muscles in my thigh which also affected the knee.

Greg B.
Martial Arts Instructor/Fitness Consultant
I have been coming here for just two weeks and have seen more progress and relief of pain in my neck, shoulders and left arm than I have in seven years and two chiropractors!

Dick R.
A year ago, in January, I was diagnosed as having severe stenosis of the spine and was told to live with it as long as I could, then would have to have surgery.  Thanks to Dr. Krause and his caring staff.  (He says at 74 I’m too young to use a cane or have surgery – and you know something?  He makes me believe it, because I’m still walking around without surgery and without the cane – and still working.)

I was 7 months pregnant and unable to walk because of excruciating lower back pain.  My husband, Tom, brought me to you.  In no time at all, I was walking as normally as a pregnant woman can!  You were always so careful and gentle with my “condition”!  Thank you for your thoroughness and great care!

I had a lot of suspicions about the real value of chiropractic, but decided to give it a try.  I had a nagging pain in my right elbow and didn’t relish the thought of surgery.  To my pleasant surprise, after just a few months of treatment, the pain went completely away!  I highly recommend Dr. Krause.

For years I have had spasms on the right side of my neck and lower back pain.  I have found relief from these pains from Dr. Krause.  He also has worked on my right foot when it was sprained.  I have seen other chiropractors, but Dr. Mark Krause seems to know more than any of the others about proper treatment.

I am very satisfied with the treatment received at your clinic.  It’s the best I’ve ever been involved with.  I am pleased to recommend it to anyone considering chiropractic care as I know they will be treated with great care and compassion.

Chiropractic care is the best way to cure (yes, I said “cure”) headaches, especially migraines.  I was to the point of missing work for two days with a migraine, and not being able to move during that time.  Now, I swim, walk, do yoga and work without pain.  I am truly happy to have discovered chiropractic.

Like a “miracle,” neck and back pain have gone away.  Added to that I have allergies that would make my neck pain hurt more.  After being treated, my allergies went completely away!